Actress Linda Evans Plastic Surgery? For Real?

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More and more stars of stage and screen are turning to the cosmetic surgeon in an effort to maintain a more youthful appearance. While many of them end up with the face that they want, the surgery can and does go wrong for a few unlucky individuals. Linda Evans was one of the biggest stars on TV throughout the 1980’s, starring alongside Joan Collins in the hit show ‘Dynasty’. Now in her seventies her face is showing all the signs of having been subjected to too many facial surgeries.

Actress Linda Evans Plastic Surgery?

Comparing images of her from the 1980’s to those taken more recently the differences in the way she looks are obvious. She has subjected herself to a whole catalogue of procedures including face lifts, rhinoplasty and dermal injections on more than just one occasion. She admits that she has overdone the facial surgeries and has talked openly about how and why the surgeries went wrong. One of the main areas of concern are her cheeks. Worried that the loss of natural fat through the aging process would make her cheeks sag, she turned to cheek augmentation. Regular dermal injections and further augmentations to this area has left her with a strange shape to her face.

Before and After:

She has also undergone more than one operation on her nose. It has been narrowed and reshaped several times, so much so that it now looks damaged. Repeated face lifts and eyelid surgeries have left her with a face looking stretched, with the skin over taut and mask like. Dermal injections have also been given into her lips as well as her cheeks. Initially this would have made the skin look plump and healthy, unfortunately overuse of the treatment has left her with an unnatural and misshapen face. At her age she runs the risk of the skin collapsing under the repeated stress of injection.

Before and After pictures:

Linda Evans picture from 2012.

Linda Evans picture from 2006.

Linda Evans picture from 1995.

Linda Evans picture from 1966.

Actress Linda Evans Plastic Surgery?

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