Bo Derek no Plastic Surgery?

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Model, actress and animal rights activist Bo Derek was one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1980’s after appearing in the 1979 movie ‘10’. The actress and producer is rarely seen on TV and in movies these days but does still make the odd appearance when necessary. For many years now she has been involved in the animal rights movement, especially in relation to horses. She is also an advocate for wounded veterans and has been awarded an honorary green beret for her work in this area. Born in 1956, the actress is now in her late fifties and looking much the same as she did when she burst onto our screens more than thirty years ago.

Bo Derek no Plastic Surgery?

Her youthful appearance has fuelled a number of plastic surgery rumours over the years. Critics believe that she cannot look as good as she does without having had more than a little help from a plastic surgeon. At the very least they believe that her smooth facial features are the result of her having undergone Botox therapy. It has also been noted that she does not have any sagging skin in her neck area or along her jaw line, something very common in women her age, this has led to speculation that she has been through a face lift and neck lift procedure.

Before and After:

When you compare images from the height of her career to the latest images available you can see that she seems to hardly have aged. The skin around her eyes is smooth, her eyes are also wide which suggests that he she been through an eye lift as well as eyelid surgery. Her cheeks are filled out, possibly the result of filler injections and whatever sun damage her face may have endured could have been rectified with the use of chemical peel techniques.

Before and After pictures:

Bo Derek picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Bo Derek picture from 2006 (via Imdb)

Bo Derek picture from 2005 (via Wikipedia)

Bo Derek picture from 2003 (via Imdb)

Bo Derek - Facelift Plastic Surgery?

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