Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery (Facelift?)

Once voted the ‘Sexiest Man AliveBurt Reynolds has had a long career in Hollywood. He has appeared in blockbuster films like ‘Deliverance’ and let his comedic side shine in movies such as ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ and ‘Cannonball Run’. Aside from being a movie star who did many of his own stunts, Reynolds is also known for his vanity; a trait which many of his film characters also shared. It is no surprise then to find that he has turned to the world of plastic surgery in order to hold onto his looks.

Any plastic surgery? Any at all?

Born in 1936 he should be showing all the signs of being in his seventies, from crow’s feet to liver spots. Up until a couple of years ago he was still dying his hair dark as an attempt to disguise the fact that he was getting old. When you compare photographs from the 1980’s to those taken on the last few years it is clear to see the areas where the plastic surgeon has been at work. Where the skin should be sagging around his neck there is nothing; where there should be deep set wrinkles there are none, and where there should be heavily drooping eyelids there are clear, bright eyes. It is highly probable that he receives regular injections of facial fillers in order to keep the skin smooth and free from wrinkles. This will also help the skin that was pulled upwards during the face lift retain its shape.

Before and after:

Reynolds has always denied the influence of the surgeon’s knife in the way that he looks and claims that he inherited his good looks and wonderful skin from his father. He does however acknowledge that he has had surgery to the area around his eyes, claiming that too many movie fight scenes took their toll on this delicate area and left him with damaged tissue which required removal.

Before and after pictures:

Burt Reynolds (in 2011 – before)

Burt Reynolds (in 2013 – after) - my opinion? It’s all make-up, not plastic surgery, but I could be wrong.

Burt Reynolds (around 40 years ago)

Burt Reynolds (in 1991) - could be make-up, could be not.

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