Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery for real?

Carol Burnett is an actress and comedian who recently appeared on our television screens in the series ‘Glee’. Born in 1933 she has been on and off our screens for the past fifty years. Unlike other people in the profession she has never denied that she has sought the assistance of a plastic surgeon in order to hold onto her looks for as long as possible. As a child she always thought that she wasn’t the prettiest of girls and never dreamed that she would become famous. Cosmetic surgery has allowed her to not only feel pretty, it has also allowed her to slow down the process of growing old in the public gaze.

What type of plastic surgery?

With regards to the plastic surgery that she has received, there is talk about her having had chin implants; a surgery that is generally more popular with a male patients. She claims that as a child she always thought her looks suffered because she had a weak chin, and implants gave her a more defined and attractively shaped face. Dermal fillers and chemical skin treatments have provided her with a practically wrinkle free appearance without the need for excessive facial surgery which some of her peers have opted for. She understands that there is nothing that can really stop the aging process and no amount of surgery will keep her feeling and looking young forever.

Before and After:

Although she has had a face lift, the only facial treatments that she wants now are those that will help her maintain the way that she looks. She claims that there is no reason for her to seek out the surgeon’s scalpel again now that she has the face that she wants. Considering that she is now in her 80’s that seems to be a sensible decision, which some of her peers could learn from.

Before and After pictures/links:

Before the plastic surgeries (40 years ago)

Before the plastic surgeries (53 years ago)

After plastic surgeries (around 10 years ago)

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