“Cat Lady” Plastic Surgery Jocelyn Wildenstein

Widely referred to the ‘Cat Lady’ because of the way that multiple plastic surgeries have left her looking, Jocelyn Wildenstein is a great example of what can happen when plastic surgery is taken to the extreme. She made headlines as the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’ when her looks first came to the public attention. Now in her seventies it appears that she is attempting to soften the way that she looks. Despite having spent a reported $4 Million on having face altering surgery it appears that she has never been happy with the results of her procedures.

“Cat Lady” Plastic Surgery Jocelyn Wildenstein?

If ever there was a person who was left with an unnatural face following repeated surgeries it is Jocelyn. Her skin has been lifted and pulled so many times that she has been left with incredibly feline looking features. Her eyebrows are so high upon her forehead that she appears to be permanently startled. These days she wears her hair straight and blonde which does soften her features slightly. Reports have claimed that she has been through an incredible seven face lifts, had reconstructive surgery to her eyes and has had collagen injections just about everywhere possible.

Before and After:

Originally she turned to plastic surgery in an effort to remain beautiful in the eyes of her husband, Alec Wildenstein an art dealing millionaire. She believed that unless she found a way to remain looking young and beautiful, he would leave her for a younger woman. It appears that she thought that if her face has a slightly feline appearance he would find her more attractive. Sadly the more procedures she put herself through the more cat like and unnatural her face became. Her face is a grotesque example of what happens when plastic surgery is taken to the extreme by someone who does not know when to stop.

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