Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

Meryl Streep is one of the most widely respected actresses ever to have come out of Hollywood. A star of stage and screen she is now half way through her sixties and looking wonderful. She sports the fresh faced look so common with those undergoing Botox therapy, though does not appear to have followed the road taken by so many of her contemporaries into the world of over enthusiastic plastic surgery. She still loo

Has Paul Mccartney had any Plastic Surgery?

Sir Paul McCartney is a musician, singer and songwriter with a long history in the entertainment business. One of the original ‘Beatles’ he also went on to form ‘Wings’ with his then wife, Linda. Now in his seventies the years have well and truly caught up with him, and it is rumoured that he has undertaken some plastic surgery in order to try and hold onto some of his youth. Many believe that this is in o