Did Patricia Heaton have Plastic Surgery?

Television actress Patricia Heaton has never denied that fact that she has used plastic surgery as a tool to enable her to regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her sons. The mother of four claims that the pregnancies and subsequent years of breastfeeding took a toll on her body, and she used surgery to get rid of the stretch marks caused by her multiple pregnancies and then reshape her breasts. The

Has Janeane Garofalo have Plastic Surgery?

Stand up comic, writer, actor and political activist Janeane Garofalo is almost fifty years old. She is recognisable from the regular appearances she has made on the popular show ‘Saturday Night Live’. Despite mainly being noted for her ability to make people laugh, she is also attracting attention for the way that she has altered her image. The comedienne has always spoken to her fans with what many consider t

Christina Ricci had Plastic Surgery?

Christina Ricci is probably best remembered for playing the dark and brooding Wednesday Addams in the ‘Addams Family’ movies. She first appeared on the big screen at the age of ten and has pretty much remained in the public eye ever since. She later starred with Johnny Depp in the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. One of the things about starting a career in films and television as a young child, is that the public ge