Has Marg Helgenberger had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Marg Helgenberger is best remembered for her character Catherine Willows in the hit drama series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’. It was apparent to thousands of fans that she had put herself through some cosmetic surgery treatments after she ended one series of the show with one face, and returned the next series sporting a whole new look. Born in 1958, the actress now in her late fifties seems keen t

Did Patricia Heaton have Plastic Surgery?

Television actress Patricia Heaton has never denied that fact that she has used plastic surgery as a tool to enable her to regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her sons. The mother of four claims that the pregnancies and subsequent years of breastfeeding took a toll on her body, and she used surgery to get rid of the stretch marks caused by her multiple pregnancies and then reshape her breasts. The

Did Marlo Thomas have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1937, Marlo Thomas had her big break in the 1960’s when she appeared in the hit sitcom ‘That Girl’. These days she is more well known for the work that she does as for the St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital as the national outreach director. She has had a varied career, appearing on Broadway and being a social activist. She is known to have been through a cosmetic surgery procedure before she

Has Susan Lucci ever had Plastic Surgery?

Susan Lucci came to the public’s attention when she starred in the hit television series ‘All My Children’ (with Kelly Ripa and Kim Delaney). Though that series was filmed some years ago, the appearance of the actress has changed very little. Now well into her sixties she shows no sign of giving into the aging process. Her body still looks healthy and toned and her face lacks many of the signs of aging that y

Did Kate Jackson have Plastic Surgery?

Actress turned director and producer Kate Jackson is probably best remembered for playing the role of Sabrina Duncan in the smash hit television series of the 1970’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’. The award winning actress was born in 1948. Now in her mid sixties she has fallen prey to the plastic surgery rumours which surround so many actresses of her generation. However the rumours that surround her are not about wh

Did Kathy Griffin have Plastic Surgery?

Kathy Griffin is an award winning American actress who started her career as a stand up comedian. Born in 1960 she is now in her mid fifties and unlike many others in her profession she has come clean about having had plastic surgery. While she may not be one of the faces that you regularly see at red carpet events, she is instantly recognisable. These days she is attracting just as much attention for her surgery a

Does Kat Von D have Plastic Surgery?

No stranger to body modification and physical enhancement, Kat Von D is subject to her own batch of plastic surgery rumours. A respected tattoo artist and popular television celebrity she rose to fame on the back of the television series ‘Miami Ink’. Covered in tattoos herself she is not afraid to modify her looks, yet some in the media are concerned that when it comes to cosmetic surgery she may not be making

Did Smokey Robinson get Plastic Surgery?

Smokey Robinson is one of the biggest stars ever to have come out of Detroit’s Motown. With his group ‘The Miracles’ he regularly topped the music charts both in the US and the UK. Smokey is still highly respected in the music industry and is currently Vice President of Motown. Now in his 70’s, rather than looking his age he looks much more youthful than he did twenty years ago. Looking at pictures from his

Did Dolly Parton have Plastic Surgery? Yes!

Singer, musician and actress Dolly Parton was born in 1946 in Tennessee. She has been working in the entertainment industry since 1955, and despite being in the public eye for much of her life, her image has hardly changed. She is the first one to admit that the upkeep of her image costs a lot of money, and she is not one to deny that the way she looks has a lot to do with plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement.

Who Did Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery?

Raquel Welsh was born in 1940, which places her squarely in her seventies. Her prehistoric styled bikini which she wore in the movie ‘One Billion Years B.C.’ caught the attention of millions of fans and as a result she became one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1960’s. There is no way to deny that the looks the actress has now are the result of anything other than plastic surgery, and we can assume that she