Who Did Elsa Patton Plastic Surgery?

Elsa Patton, aside from being the mother of celebrity daughter Marysol Patton is known for appearances on the hit show the Real Housewives of Miami. Unfortunately for her she has become even more famous as being a walking example of what happens when plastic surgery is taken too far. She recognises that her obsession with plastic surgery has ruined both her looks and her life, and provides a warning to others keen

Did Axl Rose get Plastic Surgery?

As the lead singer of rock band Guns N’Roses, Axl Rose became an idol to millions of his fans. His face adorned bedroom walls and his every move was monitored by his army of devoted fans. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. Though if you have seen recent images of the singer you would be hard pressed to recognise him as the same hard rocking, good looking guy that he was. Born in 1962 Axl Rose i

Did Kristin Chenoweth get Plastic Surgery?

Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth has made a name for herself in the world of musical theatre, she starred as Glinda in the hit musical production ‘Wicked’. But she has also been attracting attention for the way that her appearance seems to have changed over the course of the past few years. There are many that believe these changes are a result of her having plastic surgery, something which is not uncommon

Did Sean Patrick Flanery have Plastic Surgery?

Actor Sean Patrick Flanery came to prominence after starring in the ‘Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’. He then went on to star in other movies such as ‘Deadly Impact’. He has developed quite a fan base, who themselves have created quite a stir on social media and in internet forums as they come together to discuss the way that the face of the actor seems to have changed. They are claiming that his face and e

Did Heather Locklear get Plastic Surgery?

At the height of her career she was labelled as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. She appeared in many successful television series during the 1980’s including ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘T.J. Hooker’, and developed a huge following of male fans. The actress is now in her fifties and doing whatever she can to maintain the looks that made her famous. Despite some reluctance in coming forward and openly admit

Did Christa Miller Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

Christa Miller is no stranger to the world of show business and celebrity. As a young child she was photographed for advertising campaigns, becoming a model during her teenage years. She lately made her name in the field of comedic acting with parts in the ‘Drew Carey Show’ and later the medical comedy ‘Scrubs’. Though none of the rumours relating to her having had plastic surgery have ever been confirmed,

Did Diane Lane have Plastic Surgery?

Diane Lane was born native to New York City on January 22, 1965. She didn’t have a hard of a time as some getting into the acting business, because her parents Burt lane and Colleen Farrington were already making great money. Burt Lane was an acting coach and Colleen Farrington was a nightclub singer and centerfold model. In her early days, she did a lot of theater work and was referred to as “Hollywood” for

Did Adrienne Maloof have more Plastic Surgery?

As one of the stars of the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrianne Maloof is a popular face on American television. The way that she maintains her look has been a hot topic in the gossip pages of a number of celebrity themed magazines. There are some procedures that she admits having been through, but then there are some which watchers believe that she has had upon which nothing has been admitted. In her qu

“Desperate Housewives” Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery?

Actress Teri Hatcher rose to prominence playing the role of Lois Lane in the television series of the ‘New Adventures of Superman’, before moving on to play Susan Meyer in the popular ‘Desperate Housewives’ show. Like so many of her peers she too is rumoured to have taken to using modern plastic surgery techniques in order to try and hold off the advance of time. She is rumoured to have been through a numbe

Did Calista Flockhart have Plastic Surgery?

Calista Flockhart is probably more famous for her relationship with actor Harrison Ford than she is for her role in the successful ‘Ally McBeal’ television series. The actress has long been rumoured to have a history of eating disorders, which it is known can take a toll on the way that the body and face look. It is clear when you look at pictures of her that she has had some work done to the way she looks, it