Did Mary Mccormack Plastic Surgery?

Actress Mary McCormack appears in the hit television series ‘Murder One’, people will also remember her for the character of Kate Harper in the popular series ‘The West Wing’ (with Stockard Channing). Born in 1969, the actress is now in her mid forties. As with many women in her profession her looks are drawing attention from fans and the media alike as she does not appear to be aging naturally. Questions a

What Plastic Surgery did Fergie have?

Born in 1975, Fergie is an actress; fashion designer and singer/songwriter known for being the female vocalist in the Black Eyed Peas. Despite her many talents one of the things that she has received the most publicity for is the amount of plastic surgery that she has had, rather than her acting or musical success. Over the past ten years she has been through enough procedures to transform both her body and her fac

Did Billie Piper have Plastic Surgery?

When someone commits themselves to undergoing plastic surgery while they are still relatively young, the results are much more difficult to detect than when an older person goes under the knife. Despite her relatively young age, actress and one time singer Billie Piper has undergone a couple of procedures in an effort to give her an image that she is happy with. The actress has played a range of diverse roles, from

Did Geena Davis get Plastic Surgery?

The appearance of actress Geena Davis has been attracting quite a lot of attention of late due to her seemingly flawless skin and youthful appearance. Born in 1956, the ‘Beetlejuice’ actress is now well into her sixties but is somehow managing to look considerably younger. It is because of this that she finds herself surrounded by rumours of plastic surgery and invasive cosmetic techniques. Despite never have s

Did Gillian Anderson have Plastic Surgery?

Gillian Anderson is best known for her role as Agent Scully in the hit sci-fi series ‘The X Files’. These days she has left the bright lights of Hollywood behind and spends much of her time living and working in the UK. Her look has changed quite a bit over the years, from being smart and sexy, to mumsy and dowdy and back to bombshell again. There are many people who believe that the main changes in her appeara

Has Stockard Channing had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Stockard Channing has always looked younger than her actual age, for example she was in her thirties when she took on the role of one of the teenaged Pink Ladies in the hit musical ‘Grease’ (with Olivia Newton John). Now well into her sixties she still looks great, but it all can’t be down to the way that she looks after her skin. Normally when a Hollywood actress reaches a certain age they tend to fa