Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

Probably best remembered for her appearances as the vampire Darla in the cult television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Julie Benz is like any other American actress. She wants to maintain the image that made her famous, and remain looking the same way as she looked at the height of her career. While the actress herself has never issued a public statement about any surgery she may have received, by comparin

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1951, Cheryl Ladd is most widely remembered for playing Kris Munroe in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (with Kate Jackson) television series. Her appearance in the series made her a pin up model for millions of male fans. Though now in her sixties her appearance has changed very little from how she looked at the height of her popularity. Looking at images which span her career you can see how she has maintaine

Chelsea Clinton have Plastic Surgery?

Journalist Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of former American president Bill Clinton. She is now in her mid thirties and seems to have undergone a number of changes in order to look the way she does now. While she may not be as attention grabbing as the celebrities of stage and screen, the fact that her parents are famous is enough to place her in the media spotlight. Little wonder then that she chose to alter her

Has Kim Delaney had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Kim Delaney plays a detective in the television series ‘NYPD Blue’, she has also appeared in ‘All My Children’ and several movies. Born in 1961 the actress is now in her fifties and like many women her age in the entertainment industry is subject to the usual plastic surgery rumours. She is another actress who has failed to come forward and either confirm or deny the rumours, yet despite her silence

Did Kim Basinger have Plastic Surgery?

Hollywood actress Kim Basinger has appeared in some incredible blockbuster movies such as ‘9 ½ Weeks’ and ‘Batman’ across the course of her career. She has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful and elegant women in Hollywood, but questions are now being asked as to whether this beauty is natural or achieved with assistance from a cosmetic surgeon. With all of the pressures associated with staying

Has Kerry Washington had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Kerry Washington is recognisable for her appearances in the television series ‘Scandal’. Born in 1977 the actress is in her late thirties, and as such should be beginning show the effects of the aging process on her face. However there are reports that she is unwilling to age in front of the camera, and has already sought the help of some cosmetic enhancements to help her maintain a youthful appearance.

“Cat Lady” Plastic Surgery Jocelyn Wildenstein

Widely referred to the ‘Cat Lady’ because of the way that multiple plastic surgeries have left her looking, Jocelyn Wildenstein is a great example of what can happen when plastic surgery is taken to the extreme. She made headlines as the ‘Bride of Wildenstein’ when her looks first came to the public attention. Now in her seventies it appears that she is attempting to soften the way that she looks. Despite h

“Desperate Housewives” Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery?

Actress Teri Hatcher rose to prominence playing the role of Lois Lane in the television series of the ‘New Adventures of Superman’, before moving on to play Susan Meyer in the popular ‘Desperate Housewives’ show. Like so many of her peers she too is rumoured to have taken to using modern plastic surgery techniques in order to try and hold off the advance of time. She is rumoured to have been through a numbe

Did Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery?

There have long been plastic surgery rumours surrounding the face of Marie Osmond. The appearance of her face is known to have changed many times of the years, and it is now not a question of whether or not she has had surgery, but more a case of what will she do next. These days the skin in her face is looking far too tight to be natural which has sparked speculation that she has been through more facial surgeries

Does Joanna Krupa Have Plastic Surgery?

Joanna Krupa is one of the stars of the American reality television series ‘Real Housewives of Miami’, she is also a famous and celebrated model. Being in the limelight so often has left her open to criticism from those who question her image and the way that it is maintained. Recently she gave an interview and talked openly about the procedures that she had had in an effort to maintain her appearance. Just as