Did Julie Benz have Plastic Surgery?

Probably best remembered for her appearances as the vampire Darla in the cult television series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, Julie Benz is like any other American actress. She wants to maintain the image that made her famous, and remain looking the same way as she looked at the height of her career. While the actress herself has never issued a public statement about any surgery she may have received, by comparin

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1951, Cheryl Ladd is most widely remembered for playing Kris Munroe in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (with Kate Jackson) television series. Her appearance in the series made her a pin up model for millions of male fans. Though now in her sixties her appearance has changed very little from how she looked at the height of her popularity. Looking at images which span her career you can see how she has maintaine

Jessica Lange Needs Plastic Surgery?

Actress Jessica Lange is famous for appearing both on screen and on the stage. Over the years she has received a staggering six Oscar nominations and won the award twice. She has spent almost four decades in the entertainment industry and also works for the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) as Goodwill Ambassador. As a former model she has always been careful to maintain her appearance, but now in her mid s

Did Patricia Heaton have Plastic Surgery?

Television actress Patricia Heaton has never denied that fact that she has used plastic surgery as a tool to enable her to regain her pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth to her sons. The mother of four claims that the pregnancies and subsequent years of breastfeeding took a toll on her body, and she used surgery to get rid of the stretch marks caused by her multiple pregnancies and then reshape her breasts. The

Did Rick Springfield get Plastic Surgery?

Rick Springfield was best known for playing the role of Dr Noah Drake in the popular television series ‘General Hospital’ (with Jack Wagner). Australian by birth he also later gained fame as a musician with the release of his single ‘Jessie’s Girl’ in the 1980’s. His single rose to number one in the charts and brought with it a new surge of fame and a much younger fan base. At age 24 he was interviewed

Did Vanna White have Plastic Surgery? For Real?

Famous for being the hostess on the television quiz show ‘Wheel of Fortune’, Vanna White looks surprisingly good for her age. Her looks have been the subject of some debate in the celebrity lifestyle magazines of late though. There is speculation that she has been undergoing cosmetic surgery treatments in order to stay looking good for as long as possible; while there is an opposing argument that she looks so w

Has Suzanne Somers ever had Plastic Surgery?

Hollywood is not short of stories relating to stars undergoing plastic surgery in order to maintain their audience appeal. Suzanne Somers, who is both an actress and an author is just one of a long list of celebrities to go under the knife. Now in her sixties she sports the taut, smooth skin which at her age can only be achieved with the aid of some cosmetic enhancement. While the treatments that she has been throu

Actress Linda Evans Plastic Surgery? For Real?

More and more stars of stage and screen are turning to the cosmetic surgeon in an effort to maintain a more youthful appearance. While many of them end up with the face that they want, the surgery can and does go wrong for a few unlucky individuals. Linda Evans was one of the biggest stars on TV throughout the 1980’s, starring alongside Joan Collins in the hit show ‘Dynasty’. Now in her seventies her face is

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Rumors..

Normally is the actresses in Hollywood which grab all of the headlines when they undergo plastic surgery, but actor Ray Liotta has attracted his own share of the post plastic surgery limelight. Unlike other male actors Liotta has taken to fighting the aging process rather than taking it in his stride and adapting to the changes that it brings. Sadly the plastic surgery that he has put himself through has not provid

Did Tameka Cottle have Plastic Surgery?

During the 1990’s Tameka Cottle was part of the R&B group Xscape. However she has gained much more attention for the number of changes that both her face and her body have been through over the years. Since the peak of her popularity her overall look has changed several times. However many of her fans, as well as those in the media are saying that she has taken her plastic surgery too far, and now would be a