Did Olivia Newton John get Plastic Surgery?

It has been reported that Olivia Newton John who rose to fame after appearing in the hit musical ‘Grease’ with John Travolta, has something of an addiction to plastic surgery. She is rumoured to have undergone several procedures in an effort to regain the looks she had in her youth. From reading the reports she seems to have worked her way through the clinic catalogue and had just about every procedure that she

Did Julianna Margulies have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Julianna Margulies looks much younger than her true age. She should be sporting the wrinkles associated with growing older, yet she wears a picture perfect wrinkle free face which belies her age. There is much speculation surrounding how she manages to look as good as she does. When we start thinking about celebrity plastic surgery we tend to think of the failures first. We conjure up images of Linda Evans

Did Delta Burke have Plastic Surgery?

Author, producer and actor Delta Burke has appeared in television shows such as ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’; as well producing television movies and appearing on Broadway. Aged fifty seven the actress has been attracting attention over the way that she looks, attention which has not all been flattering. Many are saying that the way she looks like she does is because of botched plastic surgery,

Did Kate Jackson have Plastic Surgery?

Actress turned director and producer Kate Jackson is probably best remembered for playing the role of Sabrina Duncan in the smash hit television series of the 1970’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’. The award winning actress was born in 1948. Now in her mid sixties she has fallen prey to the plastic surgery rumours which surround so many actresses of her generation. However the rumours that surround her are not about wh

Bo Derek no Plastic Surgery?

Model, actress and animal rights activist Bo Derek was one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1980’s after appearing in the 1979 movie ‘10’. The actress and producer is rarely seen on TV and in movies these days but does still make the odd appearance when necessary. For many years now she has been involved in the animal rights movement, especially in relation to horses. She is also an advocate for wounded vete

Cindy Crawford admits Plastic Surgery?

From a very successful modelling career, Cindy Crawford moved into the world of film and television. She was born in 1966, and despite being in her late forties still look every inch the model. Her complexion is flawless and there are no signs of the crow’s feet and other age related wrinkles which should be in place by now. As with many celebrities there is no suggestion that the way she looks is anything other

Has Uma Thurman had any Plastic Surgery?

Actress Uma Thurman has appeared in a wide range of movies across many different genres, from Romantic comedies to action films. Born in 1970, there are many who claim that the actress is simply not looking her age and many are wondering what he secret is. According to some the secret lies in the capable hands of a plastic surgeon, but the actress is not willing to admit to having been through any cosmetic enhancem

Did Lara Flynn Boyle have Plastic Surgery?

Lara Flynn starred in the iconic television series ‘Twin Peaks’, millions of people watched it though few understood it. She had a striking look then with defined features which gave her an expressive and attractive face, making her popular with an international male audience. Recent images of her bear little resemblance to the actress we remember. Some claim that she has had something go wrong with a cosmetic

Did Kristin Chenoweth get Plastic Surgery?

Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth has made a name for herself in the world of musical theatre, she starred as Glinda in the hit musical production ‘Wicked’. But she has also been attracting attention for the way that her appearance seems to have changed over the course of the past few years. There are many that believe these changes are a result of her having plastic surgery, something which is not uncommon

Did Kym Johnson get Plastic Surgery?

Kym Johnson is a professional dancer from Australia. She has appeared on television in the popular series ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Born in 1976 the dancer is now thirty seven and seems to have caught a little of the Hollywood glitz while living in the US, away from her home in Australia for the duration of filming the show. She too is now sporting the wrinkle free face we generally associate with actresses who