Why Did Nikki Cox get Plastic Surgery?

Nikki Cox is an American actress most well known for her role in the successful ‘Las Vegas’ (with Vanessa Marcil)  television series. Many believe that she has subjected herself to a number of surgical procedures and beauty enhancing treatments in order to make herself appear more appealing to a wider audience, boosting her popularity and revitalising her film and television career. Some of the surgeries that

Jessica Lange Needs Plastic Surgery?

Actress Jessica Lange is famous for appearing both on screen and on the stage. Over the years she has received a staggering six Oscar nominations and won the award twice. She has spent almost four decades in the entertainment industry and also works for the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) as Goodwill Ambassador. As a former model she has always been careful to maintain her appearance, but now in her mid s

Tori Amos talks about Plastic Surgery?

Musician and singer Tori Amos has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumours for quite some time. Born in 1963 she is now in her fifties and somehow manages to look at least ten years younger than her actual age. Famous for being alternative in not only her music style but also in her personal style, there has been much attention focussed lately on the way that her face looks. Many of her fans believe that in order

Has Robert Redford never had Plastic Surgery?

Once described as the sexiest man in alive; never mind just in Hollywood, Robert Redford is now in his late seventies. Like many actors of his generation he has turned to the plastic surgeon for help in keeping him looking good despite his advancing years. While he has never spoken openly about having had surgery, his fans are left with no doubt that he has been under the knife in an effort to maintain his looks an

Bo Derek no Plastic Surgery?

Model, actress and animal rights activist Bo Derek was one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1980’s after appearing in the 1979 movie ‘10’. The actress and producer is rarely seen on TV and in movies these days but does still make the odd appearance when necessary. For many years now she has been involved in the animal rights movement, especially in relation to horses. She is also an advocate for wounded vete

Did Elizabeth Mcgovern have Plastic Surgery?

In Hollywood plastic surgery does not seen to be so much of a lifestyle choice as more a necessity, in order to remain living the Hollywood dream. Many in the entertainment industry turn to cosmetic enhancements in order to keep their dreams of stardom alive and well. Many celebrities never confirm the surgery rumours which surround them, and the truth is never known. The same applies for actress Elizabeth McGovern

Has Brittany Murphy had Plastic Surgery?

Brittany Murphy is best remembered for her roles in the television series ‘Boy Meets World’ and ‘Blossom’. The actress died in 2009 at the age of thirty two, with a certain amount of debate still raging regarding her cause of death. She too was victim to plastic surgery speculation generated by the celebrity gossip magazines. Like many women in the acting profession she attracted a certain amount of media a

Did Greta Van Susteren get Plastic Surgery?

Greta Van Susteren is now entering into her sixties and like many women in the public eye has sought the help of the plastic surgeon in an effort to recapture her youth. Working as a legal analyst for a handful of television shows; as well as hosting her own show, means that she is regularly on screen in front of millions of viewers. Unlike other television celebrities she has not been afraid to be honest about her

Did Wayne Newton have Plastic Surgery?

In the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement there are some people who clearly do not know when to stop; when to call it a day, and when to back away from the surgeon’s knife. Wayne Newton is one such person. Recent images of the Las Vegas star have shown him looking unnatural, his face bloated and his skin stretched too tight. It would appear that in his desire to recapture his youth and look exactly

Has Morgan Fairchild had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Morgan Fairchild appeared in many of the glamorous television dramas and soap opera of the 1970’s and 1980’s. All of the characters that she has portrayed have had an air of glitz and glamour about them. The actress is now in her mid sixties and seems unwilling to say goodbye to the glamorous image she once had and has resorted to plastic surgery in order to regain the looks that made her famous. There