Has Marg Helgenberger had Plastic Surgery?

Actress Marg Helgenberger is best remembered for her character Catherine Willows in the hit drama series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’. It was apparent to thousands of fans that she had put herself through some cosmetic surgery treatments after she ended one series of the show with one face, and returned the next series sporting a whole new look. Born in 1958, the actress now in her late fifties seems keen t

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1951, Cheryl Ladd is most widely remembered for playing Kris Munroe in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (with Kate Jackson) television series. Her appearance in the series made her a pin up model for millions of male fans. Though now in her sixties her appearance has changed very little from how she looked at the height of her popularity. Looking at images which span her career you can see how she has maintaine

Jessica Lange Needs Plastic Surgery?

Actress Jessica Lange is famous for appearing both on screen and on the stage. Over the years she has received a staggering six Oscar nominations and won the award twice. She has spent almost four decades in the entertainment industry and also works for the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) as Goodwill Ambassador. As a former model she has always been careful to maintain her appearance, but now in her mid s

“Army Wives” Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery?

British and American actress Catherine Bell is probably most well known for the role she played in the television series ‘JAG’, or perhaps the role of Denise Sherwood in the ‘Army Wives’ television series. What has lately brought her to the attention of the gossip column writers is the way that she has changed the way that she looks through the intervention of cosmetic surgery. According to her many fans th

Did Meryl Streep have Plastic Surgery?

Meryl Streep is one of the most widely respected actresses ever to have come out of Hollywood. A star of stage and screen she is now half way through her sixties and looking wonderful. She sports the fresh faced look so common with those undergoing Botox therapy, though does not appear to have followed the road taken by so many of her contemporaries into the world of over enthusiastic plastic surgery. She still loo

Tori Amos talks about Plastic Surgery?

Musician and singer Tori Amos has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumours for quite some time. Born in 1963 she is now in her fifties and somehow manages to look at least ten years younger than her actual age. Famous for being alternative in not only her music style but also in her personal style, there has been much attention focussed lately on the way that her face looks. Many of her fans believe that in order

Did Park Min Young get Plastic Surgery?

Korean actress Park Min Young is famous for appearing in ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ on Korean television. Like many other promising young Asian actors she has taken the cosmetic surgery route in order to enhance her natural looks and features. From comparing her before and after pictures it is clear that her surgeon deserves some praise, as the changes that he has made to her face look incredibly natural and beauti

Lee Min Ho denies Plastic Surgery?

Actor Lee Min Ho is most well known in South Korea for his role in the television series ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Like many Asian actors Lee Min Ho has turned to cosmetic surgery in order to enhance his appearance and boost his audience appeal. Plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements are big business in Asia, and this is one actor who has not been afraid to let everyone know that he has received facial surgery. T

Did Axl Rose get Plastic Surgery?

As the lead singer of rock band Guns N’Roses, Axl Rose became an idol to millions of his fans. His face adorned bedroom walls and his every move was monitored by his army of devoted fans. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. Though if you have seen recent images of the singer you would be hard pressed to recognise him as the same hard rocking, good looking guy that he was. Born in 1962 Axl Rose i

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Rumors..

Normally is the actresses in Hollywood which grab all of the headlines when they undergo plastic surgery, but actor Ray Liotta has attracted his own share of the post plastic surgery limelight. Unlike other male actors Liotta has taken to fighting the aging process rather than taking it in his stride and adapting to the changes that it brings. Sadly the plastic surgery that he has put himself through has not provid