Did Keira Knightley get Plastic Surgery?

Despite being of the biggest names in Hollywood, actress Kiera Knightley does not appear to have thrown herself into the hands of the nearest plastic surgeon in order to fit the profile of Hollywood startlet which suits her so well. She has always admitted to wanting to have breast implants in order to provide her with some sensuous curves which she feels she is currently lacking, yet so far has not taken the plung

Has Suzanne Somers ever had Plastic Surgery?

Hollywood is not short of stories relating to stars undergoing plastic surgery in order to maintain their audience appeal. Suzanne Somers, who is both an actress and an author is just one of a long list of celebrities to go under the knife. Now in her sixties she sports the taut, smooth skin which at her age can only be achieved with the aid of some cosmetic enhancement. While the treatments that she has been throu

Did Vanessa Marcil have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Vanessa Marcil has appeared in a number of successful television series including ‘General Hospital’ (with Jack Wagner) and ‘Beverly Hills 90210’. Born in 1968, she is now in her mid forties and looking great. The way the she looks has been discussed in celebrity magazines and on internet forums, with the majority of her fans agreeing that she must have had some help to look the way that she does. H

Did Melanie Griffith have Plastic Surgery?

Famous for appearing in the movie ‘Working Girl’, and now a successful film producer in her own right, actress Melanie Griffith has also hit the headlines for being one of those celebrities for whom plastic surgery has not been a success. Born in 1957 the actress is now in her late fifties and has already put herself through numerous plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain her looks like so many Hollywo

Did Calista Flockhart have Plastic Surgery?

Calista Flockhart is probably more famous for her relationship with actor Harrison Ford than she is for her role in the successful ‘Ally McBeal’ television series. The actress has long been rumoured to have a history of eating disorders, which it is known can take a toll on the way that the body and face look. It is clear when you look at pictures of her that she has had some work done to the way she looks, it

Did Courtney Love get Plastic Surgery?

Courtney Love is a big name on the American rock scene, the singer and actress was married to musician Kurt Cobain. She is no stranger to plastic surgery, only now people are starting to say that she has been under the knife too many times and should stop before she becomes a caricature of the woman that she once was. Take a look at images of her taken early in her career and you will see a very different face that

Preity Zinta has done Plastic Surgery?

Probably one of the most recognisable faces from the Indian film industry – Preity Zinta and arguably one of the most beautiful, she has starred in numerous movies which have all be incredible successes. Like her counterparts in the western film industry she has also had to deal with constant rumours regarding having resorted to plastic surgery in order to maintain her image. There are even websites devoted t

Did Joyce Meyers Have Plastic Surgery?

Born in 1943 into a simple family setting, Joyce Meyer went on to become one of the most recognisable and charismatic authors, teachers and speakers within the Christian Community. Her sermons and the lessons she teaches are followed by people around the world. She believes that she can help people to improve their relationship with the Divine and in doing so help them improve their daily lives. However, it has bee

Has Elizabeth Berkley had Plastic Surgery?

Elizabeth Berkley came to prominence in the television series ‘Saved by the Bell’. Born in 1972 she trained as a dancer and as a teenager became a model for the Elite model agency. The television series gave her the break that she needed, going on to star in movies such as ‘Showgirls’ and ‘The First Wives Club’. Now in her forties she looks great, and there are many who people believe that this is due t

Did Billie Piper have Plastic Surgery?

When someone commits themselves to undergoing plastic surgery while they are still relatively young, the results are much more difficult to detect than when an older person goes under the knife. Despite her relatively young age, actress and one time singer Billie Piper has undergone a couple of procedures in an effort to give her an image that she is happy with. The actress has played a range of diverse roles, from