Has Hunter Tylo had more Plastic Surgery?

As far as the plastic surgery rumours which surround actress Hunter Tylo are concerned, there are two camps. One that believes that the look is achieved through surgical enhancements and less invasive therapies, and the other which believes that her look is entirely natural. The actress is best remembered for her appearance in the long running American soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (Katherine Kelly La

Nadya Suleman/Octomom denies Plastic Surgery?

If the name Nadya Suleman is unfamiliar then you will probably remember her as ‘Octomum’. The lady who gave birth to octuplets in 2009. Now aged thirty eight she is the mother of fourteen children, and despite having to take some of her children out of their private school because she was strapped for cash, has somehow managed to find the money to undergo extensive plastic surgery. There are rumours that the la

Did Jacqueline Laurita have Plastic Surgery?

As one of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Jacqueline Laurita should be used to being in the spot light. She has always been open and quite frank about the plastic surgery procedures that she has been through in the past, and used the show to talk about further surgery that she was going in for. This openness does seem to work in her favour as it stops the rumour mill from going overboard and speculating tha

Who Did Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery?

Wendy Williams hosts a day time talk show on American television; this actress and presenter has courted the attention of the Hollywood gossips on more than one occasion, as they struggle to come to terms with the extent of her plastic surgery. Currently everything about Ms Williams looks fake, as artificial as it can possibly get. From her face to her breasts there is something unnerving about the amount of silico

Did Janice Dickinson get Plastic Surgery?

Janice Dickinson has done many things in her career; she has been an international model, a photographer and worked as a talent agent. Regarded as being the first of what became known as ‘Supermodels’ she has never been shy in selling her talents to the world. The former model is now approaching sixty and like many women seems to have found it hard to come to terms with the effects of the aging process. So much

Has Beth Chapman had Plastic Surgery?

Beth Chapman is the bottle blonde wife of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’. She is not known for having an impeccable sense of personal style, or being particular about the way she looks. He make up is always heavy and her hair always a harsh bleached blonde. Yet something seems to have happened to Beth Chapman. Despite always being heavy set, stocky and exceptionally curvy she seems to have opted to have a few of her c