Christina Ricci had Plastic Surgery?

Christina Ricci is probably best remembered for playing the dark and brooding Wednesday Addams in the ‘Addams Family’ movies. She first appeared on the big screen at the age of ten and has pretty much remained in the public eye ever since. She later starred with Johnny Depp in the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’. One of the things about starting a career in films and television as a young child, is that the public get you watch you grow up. They can’t fail to notice how your appearance changes as you age and mature, and they also can’t fail to notice when the changes that take place happen unnaturally quickly.

Christina Ricci had Plastic Surgery?

One of the main changes that caught public attention was that her nose seemed to change shape. The nose she has now is narrower, straighter and a much more aesthetically pleasing shape than it once was, which points the finger firmly at rhinoplasty. Another more obvious change was that she also somewhat unusually decreased in breast size, which would suggest that she underwent a breast reduction procedure. In Hollywood the opposite is generally the case, but Christina is petite and carrying the weight of large breasts can be uncomfortable and make a woman self conscious.

Before and After:

Unlike other celebrities Christina has been open and honest about having had her nose augmented, yet she failed to confirm whether she had undergone any form of breast reduction surgery. She claims that any difference in the size of her breasts is the result of having lost weight. Christina Ricci has matured from the young girl we first saw in the ‘Addams Family’ and developed into a beautiful woman with a successful career ahead of her. Hopefully she will be one actress that doesn’t turn to major surgery when she starts showing signs of her age.

Before and After pictures:

Christina Ricci picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Christina Ricci picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Christina Ricci picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Christina Ricci picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Christina Ricci had Plastic Surgery?

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