Did Blake Lively have Plastic Surgery?

Cosmetic enhancement is nothing new in Hollywood. It is something that celebrities turn to in order to maintain their celebrity status and hold onto their fan base. ‘Gossip Girlactress Blake Lively is no exception. She is rumoured to have undergone surgical procedures in order to not only maintain her image, but fit with the industry norm of being one of the beautiful people. There is speculation surrounding her having had breast implants and other cosmetic enhancements, but despite the rumours and photographic evidence the actress continues to deny that the rumours carry any truth in them.

Did Blake Lively have Plastic Surgery?

It would appear that she underwent surgery on her nose before she became famous, as in early pictures she is shown with quite a large, broad nose which has never been seen on screen. She now wears a nose that could have come straight out of a plastic surgery catalogue, with its perfectly straight lines and rounded tip. She looks to have had breast augmentation surgery at the beginning of her career too, possibly in an effort to make her more attractive to producers at castings. She went from being pretty flat chested and having no work, to having curves and working on screen.

Before and After:

Celebrity watchers also claim that the shape of her chin has been altered to improve her profile, and her lips augmented to provide a bigger pout. There is no proof that either of these procedures have ever taken place. If changing her looks was what it took to get her noticed in the casting sessions then surgery was the right step to take. In her case her cosmetic surgery has helped her to get the career that she always wanted, and at this stage she has not had been through enough procedures to make her appear plastic and fake.

Before and After pictures:

Blake Lively picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Blake Lively picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Blake Lively picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Did Blake Lively have Plastic Surgery?

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