Did Halle Berry have Plastic Surgery?

Despite making many denials to the press and the celebrity gossip columnists, Halle Berry is still the subject of numerous plastic surgery rumours. The actress and former model, is now in her late forties and looks amazing for her age. Celebrity lifestyle magazines have long speculated that she has undergone extensive plastic surgery in order to look as good as she does, though their accusations have always been met with a firm denial. The Oscar winning actress looks as good today as she did a decade ago, and the public want to know how she does it.

Did Halle Berry have Plastic Surgery?

When interviewed, the topic of plastic surgery is brushed aside. She claims that while she has never undergone a surgical procedure to enhance the way that her face looks, it is not something that she can discount in the future. It may be that in a few years time when the signs of aging start to appear that she will consider having some cosmetic work done to put the brakes on the aging process. She would however like to hope that she can age naturally, and dreads the thought of something going wrong should she decide to have any facial surgery. This however does not seem to apply to her breasts as there is evidence to suggest that she has already received breast implants, to enhance her body shape.

Before and After:

There are some that claim that she has already had a nose job, a procedure which many models go through in order to make their face more photogenic or aesthetically pleasing. If you look at older images of her and compare them to more recent ones, there is a slight difference in the width of her nose, though in all probability this is related more to her reaching maturity and losing her youthful puppy fat than its it is to the hand of a surgeon.

Before and After pictures:

Halle Berry picture from 2013 (via Wikipedia)

Halle Berry picture from 2006 (via Wikipedia)

Halle Berry picture from 2004 (via Wikipedia)

Halle Berry picture from 1996 (via Wikipedia)

Did Halle Berry have Plastic Surgery?

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