Did Kellie Pickler have Plastic Surgery on her Face?

Kellie Pickler rose to fame on the American talent show ‘American Idol’. Despite still being in her twenties, it is obvious that she is already familiar with cosmetic surgery and the techniques that can be employed to enhance a person’s natural assets. Despite not winning the competition her performances on the show have worked to launch her career in the music industry. There is no doubt that she has had some work done to improve her image which in turn will boost her career. The proof can be seen in her before and after images.

Did Kellie Pickler have Plastic Surgery on her Face?

While she was appearing on ‘American idol’ she had very little in the way of a bust. Yet these days she is sporting a pair of perfectly formed; if a little on the large side, surgically enhanced breasts. There are some that claim that she has overdone the surgery and had implants that are too large for her body frame, with comparisons being made to country singer Dolly Parton. Despite the singer not confirming the surgery it is pretty obvious that her body shape has undergone an immense change. Like many women, since she has had the implant surgery her self confidence has improved and she seems to be happier with her body image.

Before and After:

There is also some debate as to whether she has had further cosmetic procedures carried out to alter the shape of her nose. She looks as though she may have undergone some reductive rhinoplasty as her nose no longer looks as wide as it did at the start of her career. Once again the singer has not come forward to confirm or deny having undergone any cosmetic procedures. If she is so happy to undergo surgery so early in her career, one can only wonder what she will resort to as she ages.

Before and after pictures:

Kellie Pickler picture from 2013.

Kellie Pickler picture from 2011.

Kellie Pickler picture from 2009.

Kellie Pickler picture from 2006.

Did Kellie Pickler have Plastic Surgery on her Face?

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