Did Olivia Newton John get Plastic Surgery?

It has been reported that Olivia Newton John who rose to fame after appearing in the hit musical ‘Grease’ with John Travolta, has something of an addiction to plastic surgery. She is rumoured to have undergone several procedures in an effort to regain the looks she had in her youth. From reading the reports she seems to have worked her way through the clinic catalogue and had just about every procedure that she can from a full face lift to dermal filler injections and lip implants.

Did Olivia Newton John get Plastic Surgery?

She has received some criticism from fans for the way that she looks. However, despite having a whole catalogue of surgeries; which leave so many areas where things can go wrong, she does look good. Despite being in her late sixties she is not sporting the crow’s feet and other wrinkles common on women her age. In order to see just how much has changed it is important to look at some before and after images. Lip implants have provided her with a wider smile. Her jaw line is free from the sagging skin commonly associated with age, and the skin on her face is taut and smooth. Upper and lower eyelid surgery would explain why there is no loose, tired skin anywhere around her eyes, and of course Botox will ensure that she remains free from wrinkles.

Before and After:

Despite the way that her face has changed over the years the actress still denies that she has had any surgery, claiming that her looks are the result of coming from a family with great genetics. While you can get away with claiming strong cheek bones or a chiselled chin are the result of having good genes, they generally cannot be responsible for removing eye bags or eliminating sagging skin on a face showing the passage of time.

Before and After pictures:

Olivia Newton John in the year of 1979.

Olivia Newton John in 1988 (via Wikipedia)

Olivia Newton John in 1997.

Olivia Newton John in 2010.

Olivia Newton John in 2012 / 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Did Olivia Newton John get Plastic Surgery?

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