Did “Pastor” Paula White have Plastic Surgery?

Paula White is a regular face on American television. She is a Christian evangelist, teacher and author who preaches to an international audience. Born in 1966, the television evangelist is fast approaching fifty years of age. Though whether by Divine intervention of the hand of a skilled surgeon she is looking remarkably well for her age. Despite preaching that rejuvenation of body and soul comes through faith, there are many that believe are more earthly hand has been at work.

Did “Pastor” Paula White have Plastic Surgery?

Looking at images of the evangelist you can see that she has little or no wrinkling on her face. Her breasts appear to have increased in size which can only be the result of undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Botox therapy has removed all trace of the lines and wrinkles she should have on her face, and dermal fillers have been used to plump out her cheeks to provide her with a much younger looking face. Many believe that she has undertaken the enhancement procedures in order to increase her popularity and boost the sales of her latest book. Many in her congregation believe she should have let nature take its course and are unhappy with her choice to have surgery to enhance the way that she looks.

Before and After pictures:

Paula White picture (don’t know the year)

Another Recent picture of Paula White (via her official Pinterest account)

Did "Pastor" Paula White have Plastic Surgery?

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