Did Rachel Zoe have Plastic Surgery?

Rachel Zoe is an American celebrity fashion stylist. She works for fashion houses, style magazines, advertising agencies and celebrities. The fashionista was born in 1971 and although knows all about how to make fashion work for you, seems to have decided it will take more than just her knowledge of style to keep her looking young. She is just another celebrity that has fallen foul of plastic surgery rumours.

Did Rachel Zoe have Plastic Surgery?

She is said to have drastically altered her appearance and many believe this has been achieved through a number of cosmetic enhancement procedures. She is reported to have undergone some laser resurfacing treatment, which eliminates flaws in the skin leaving behind a much brighter and smoother complexion. She also appears to be using Botox to eliminate the wrinkles on her forehead, and using fillers to firm and plump up areas of her face such as her cheeks and chin. There are some who claim that she has also been through a face lift procedure too, due to the tight appearance of the skin across her face. While her face does look perfectly flawless as a result of the procedures she has been through, the results have not left her looking entirely natural.

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Rachel Zoe picture from 2010 (via Wikipedia)

Did Rachel Zoe have Plastic Surgery?

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