Did Rupert Everett have Plastic Surgery?

Actor Rupert Everett is now in his fifties, many people think of him as the atypical British actor with the perfect accent and dashing good looks. He first appeared on our screens in the film ‘Another Country’ and is still attracting attention for the way that she looks. Sadly not all of that attention is good any more; as many believe that he has made some bad decisions in relation to the cosmetic enhancements he has put himself through.

Did Rupert Everett have Plastic Surgery?

Everett has always had something of a squared off chin and jaw which set off his angular features nicely. However with age his cheeks became a little hollow and his face began to look drawn. The latest images of the actor show him with a filled out face, with none of the loose and sagging skin which was beginning to appear on his face and around his jaw line. He is believed to have resorted to the use of dermal fillers and Botox injections in order to rejuvenate the look of his face. There are some who say that he has taken the procedure too far, as his face appears overly puffy and unnatural. Yet many of his fans seem to approves of his new look.

Before and After pictures:

Rupert Everett picture from 2007 (via Wikipedia)

Rupert Everett picture from 2004 (via Wikipedia)

Rupert Everett picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Rupert Everett picture from 1997 (via Imdb)

Did Rupert Everett have Plastic Surgery?

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