Did Tori Spelling have Plastic Surgery?

Actress Tori Spelling came to the public’s attention in the hit series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ (with Vanessa Marcil and others). Having grown accustomed to her appearance in the first series, fans were shocked to see that she had changed when the second series was aired. During the interval the actress underwent breast augmentation surgery (read more about it here) and the results were less than perfect. The actress was left looking unbalanced in the breast area, something which left the actress regretting that she decided to go under the knife. Many actresses opt for breast enlargement therapy in the hopes that it will boost their image and their public appeal, unfortunately Tori is an example of what can happen when things go wrong.

Did Tori Spelling have Plastic Surgery?

The actress has spoken about her surgical history and confirmed the rumours regarding her breast augmentation, and the effort to get the mistakes corrected. She also came clean about having her nose reshaped when she was younger. She always considered her nose to be too large for her face and underwent rhinoplasty to make it into a more agreeable shape. The surgery on her nose was not only approved by her mother, she encouraged her daughter to undergo the surgical procedure, telling her all the while that it would make her more beautiful that she was.

Before and After:

Her new nose was not too drastically different from her old one, it is only slightly thinner and straighter than it was. It does suit her face though and does not appear to be out of proportion with the rest of her features. The experience that this actress had with breast augmentation surgery, and the repeated attempts to have the mistakes corrected, should stand as a warning to others that even the best surgeons can make mistakes, and that perfection is not a guaranteed outcome no matter how much you are prepared to pay for plastic surgery.

Before and After pictures:

Tori Spelling picture from 2009 (via Wikipedia)

Tori Spelling picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

Tori Spelling picture from 1999 (via Imdb)

Did Tori Spelling have Breast Implants?

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