Did Alexa Vega get Plastic Surgery on Her Face?

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Alexa Vega (full name Alexa Ellesse Pena-Vega) was born 1988 and is a popular American actress. Some of her rules you might remember her from are Spy Kids where she played the character Carmen Cortez or the ABC family series Ruby & the Rockits where she played Ruby Gallagher. She got her start acting by starring in the popular 1996 film Twister (with Helen Hunt) as the character Jo Harding.

She was honored in Vanity Fair as the hottest teen celebrity of 2003. The majority of her movies have been small budget and made for TV movies but she has a long list of work she’s done. While the majority of Alexa Vega’s career was in acting, she also recorded three songs for the Spy Kids film series and she recorded a Christmas song for the ABC film, Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe.

Possible Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery

Boob Job – If we look at the Alexa Vega before and after picture, it’s quite evident that there was at least a breast enlargement job done by one or two cups. However, people who have made these accusations have been met by angry fans by stating that it’s just her natural look and she’s aging. Regardless of her age, it would be difficult for Alexa Vega to obtain that cup size naturally without a breast augmentation procedure.

These accusations came into play when the movie Machete Kills was released and we saw Alexa Vega wearing a western style leather bikini that showed off much of her breasts. Do you think Alexa Vega had plastic surgery or a breast augmentation to give her breasts a fuller and bigger bust? Do you think that Alexa has in fact just aged right and they grew to that size naturally? There are a couple of theories, but the obvious signs in fact point to plastic surgery.

Before and after pictures:

Before picture.

After picture (see anything?)

P.S. no nose job for Alexa Vega (she confirmed via Twitter)

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