Did Ashley Judd get Plastic Surgery?

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Model and actress Ashley Judd has followed in the footsteps of so many in the world of entertainment. She has succumbed to the temptation of plastic surgery and it’s magical ability to hold back the hands of time. Many believe that she has undertaken surgery not only to please her fans and retain her appeal, but also to remain looking young and beautiful in the eyes of her racing driver husband. She now appears to have a face devoid of all of the lines and wrinkles that you would naturally expect. Her forehead and cheeks now look like those of so many others which have taken the Botox option to remain young.

Did Ashley Judd get Plastic Surgery?

Her face does indeed look younger. The loose skin which had been noted by the media as showing her age has now been removed. There are many that say she now closely resembles her daughter in her youthful appearance, which must do wonders for the actresses self confidence. When the actress turned forty the signs of aging were clearly visible, lines were appearing at her temples and across her forehead. All of these signs have disappeared since she underwent her facial surgery. Considering the changes that took place in her face it would have made sense for her to talk openly about the procedures she had been through, but she has preferred to remain silent.

Before and After:

She put the puffiness of her face after surgery down to a certain kind of medication she was taking at the time, rather than explain that it was a result of having recently undergone surgery. Though she has put herself through some youth enhancing surgical treatments they do not appear to be too much for her face to cope with. She remains looking naturally beautiful, with a youthful appearance that many women at her time of life would like to have.

Before and After pictures:

Ashley Judd picture from 2014 (from Wikipedia)

Ashley Judd picture from 2012 (from Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2012.

Ashley Judd picture from 2005 (via Wikipedia)

Did Ashley Judd get Plastic Surgery?

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