Did Bar Refaeli have Plastic Surgery?

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Israeli born fashion model Bar Refaeli has been at the forefront of international campaigns for the likes of Moet & Chandon, GAP, Chanel, Subaru and Garnier. Born in 1985, the she is now in her late twenties and has already gained international success as a model. While there are many that believe she is a true natural beauty, there are others who believe that she has undertaken a few surgical enhancements in order to increase her appeal.

Did Bar Refaeli have Plastic Surgery?

There are rumours that she has been through a breast augmentation procedure to increase her cup size. The change has not been viewed in appositive light by all of her fans as they believe that she has chosen an implant too large for her natural body frame to accommodate. It is also claimed that the shape of her nose has been altered. The shape of her nose looks more tailored than it did previously, and the nostrils appear to be smaller in size. The effect has brought a sense of balance to her face which was lacking before. Many agree that the procedures that she has been through have been done well and the difference in the model’s confidence is clear for all to see.

Before and After pictures:

Bar Refaeli picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Bar Refaeli picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Bar Refaeli picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Bar Refaeli picture from 18 years old (via Wikipedia)

Did Bar Refaeli have Breast Implants?

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