Did Barbara Hershey have Plastic Surgery?

Barbara Hershey is an award winning actress who has appeared in a number of major films including ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ and ‘Portrait of a Lady’, she has also appeared on a number of television series throughout her career. She was not instantly successful in her chosen career and have to wait a good twenty years before earning acclaim for her acting abilities. Born in 1948, the actress is now in her mid sixties and is looking fabulous, something which has attracted a certain amount of media attention as they are all asking how she can look so good for her age.

Did Barbara Hershey have Plastic Surgery?

There were a number of reports that claimed that she had been though a major face lift procedure in 2010, after splitting with her long time partner Naveen Andrews. During the time that they were together, despite him being more than twenty years younger than the actress, they somehow managed to appear the same age when they were captured together in photographs. It was these images which fed the plastic surgery rumours, and she was believed to be undergoing Botox therapy and using a range of dermal fillers in order to smooth out her complexion. Her recent appearances have led to the media describing her face as plastic and unnatural, a sure sign that she has taken the anti aging procedures to their limit.

Before and After:

She is believed to have resorted to a full face lift after her relationship broke down in order to rejuvenate herself. Though there are some who believe that this has been a step too far as she looks unnatural for her age. There have been comments made about her having a frozen and expressionless face as a result of too many injectables. While she is not in the realms of looking like a doll, she is managing to look around twenty years younger than her true age, which is quite an achievement.

Before and After pictures:

Barbara Hershey picture from 1981 (black and white picture via Wikipedia)

Barbara Hershey picture from 2010 (again, via Wikipedia)

Barbara Hershey picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Barbara Hershey picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Did Barbara Hershey have Plastic Surgery?

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