Did Barbra Streisand ever have Plastic Surgery?

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Multi talented superstar Barbra Streisand was born in 1942. Now in her seventies she is not seen on the red carpet as much as she used to be, however when she does appear there is always interest in the way that she looks. Somehow she has managed to keep reinventing herself and her career across the forty years or so she has been in the entertainment business. Plastic surgery rumours have dogged her for over a decade, but it seems she has not let them hold her back at all. She would have you believe that the way she remains young is through a combination of meditation and yoga.

Did Barbra Streisand ever have Plastic Surgery?

Surgeons on the other hand, are adept at spotting the signs of facial surgery on even the most naturally healed faces. They agree that she is in receipt of Botox therapy to keep the lines and wrinkles on her face at bay. They also agree that she has used dermal fillers in order to plump out her face to provide a younger appearance. Many in the media believe that she has had a nose job, as her nose has long been the subject of jokes in all kinds of media. They think that she has altered the shape slightly but held off reducing the size.

Before and After:

Yes, she has a big nose, but it is also one of her most recognisable facial features so why would she change it? If you look closely at her photographs you will see that there is still the same bump on the bridge as there was in the early days of her career. Surely if she was going to have a nose job she would have had that bump removed, and maybe reduced the size a little? She still looks remarkably like the Barbra Streisand that we remember, her face has not been changed too much by the surgeries she has undertaken.

Before and After pictures:

Barbra Streisand picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Barbra Streisand picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Barbra Streisand picture from 1973 (Via Wikipedia)

Barbra Streisand picture from 1966 (via Wikipedia)

Did Barbra Streisand ever have Plastic Surgery?

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