Did Bernadette Peters Have Plastic Surgery?

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Bernadette Peters has been in so many different movies and television series that her face is instantly recognisable. Like many women in her profession the thought of growing old on screen was not something that she was looking forward to, and in an effort to hold the hands of time at bay has resorted to plastic surgery. Even though she approaching seventy years of age she still looks remarkably good. You could lay some of the credit of the way she looks at the fabulous mane of red hair which frames her face, a style that she has maintained for much of her career which has added a continuity to the way that her face appears.

Did Bernadette Peters Have Plastic Surgery?

The actress herself has denied the plastic surgery rumours which surround her. She claims that she avoids anything which upsets the natural balance of her skin, whether that is a beauty treatment or a surgical procedure. However, there are people in the industry who claim that they can spot the tell tale signs that she has been through more than one procedure. They believe that she has had eyelid surgery as she does not have the droop to her eyelids common in women her age. This makes her eyes appear much younger and brightens up the appearance of her face.

Before and After:

There is also speculation that she has been through a mini facelift procedure to remove any trace of sagging skin from around her jaw line and neck area. Much of the skin on her face looks taught, not as soft and supple as perhaps it should be for a woman in her sixties. The most common treatment she is believed to have had is Botox therapy, which is now something of a standard beauty treatment for those in the acting profession. Her wrinkles appear to have been filled out which adds to the youthful impression given by her face.

Before and After pictures:

Bernadette Peters picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Bernadette Peters picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia)

Bernadette Peters picture from 2009.

Bernadette Peters picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Did Bernadette Peters Have Plastic Surgery?

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