Did Billie Piper have Plastic Surgery?

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When someone commits themselves to undergoing plastic surgery while they are still relatively young, the results are much more difficult to detect than when an older person goes under the knife. Despite her relatively young age, actress and one time singer Billie Piper has undergone a couple of procedures in an effort to give her an image that she is happy with. The actress has played a range of diverse roles, from prostitute ‘Belle du Jour’ to her most popular appearance as Rose Tyler in the hit sci-fi series ‘Dr Who’ alongside David Tennant.

Did Billie Piper have Plastic Surgery?

One of the first things she looked to correct was the appearance of her teeth. Although the veneers that has had had put in place make her teeth look beautifully even and white, there was some criticism in the press as it was reported they made her look a little horsey. Perhaps the biggest change that she has put her face through was by having a lip augmentation procedure. Whether they were truly augmented or the change is the result of collagen injections no one is entirely sure, yet her lips are certainly much more plump than they ever were. It is argued that her new lips in conjunction with her seemingly over large teeth have provided her with a strange appearance, her mouth being of a disproportionate size to the rest of her face.

Before and After:

Despite this there is no evidence of the fish like ‘trout pout’ which many women develop as a result of having overdone the collagen treatment to the lips. This actress is still young and has sampled the experience of plastic surgery quite early in her career. As the years go by it may be that she feels comfortable enough to return to cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance as she ages.

Before and After pictures:

Billie Piper picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Billie Piper picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Billie Piper picture from 2006 (via Wikipedia)

Did Billie Piper have Plastic Surgery?

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