Did Bob Costas get Plastic Surgery?

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Bob Costas is a highly popular American sportscaster for a television sports show called NBC Sports. He’s been a sportscaster ever since the early 1980s and is a remarkable 62 years old (born 1952). In addition, he does a show for the MLB Network called play by play and hosts another show called Studio 42, where he conducts interviews.

Many people, including his first boss Don Ohlmeyer of NBC, thought he looked like a 14 year old boy and Costas has always admitted to never aging as quickly as everyone else. Bob Costas has been all over the world sports casting including the Kentucky Derby, National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and even the Olympics.

Possible Bob Costas Plastic Surgery?

Pink Eye – While Botox injections are a highly popular procedure for reducing wrinkles and giving your face a much smoother look, the downside is that it can go badly sometimes. When a Botox injection is botched, it can give your eye a red or pinkish appearance. While NBC has strongly denied these allegations, close sources to Costas tell us that it’s not the first time he’s had viral conjunctivitis in his eyes from Botox.

To combat this, he tried wearing thick or dark glasses so that no one could see what was happening. However, his vision was too blurred and he could barely see out of his eyes, so he was ordered to take 6 days off to let his eyes rest and to consult with his doctor. The use of frequent Botox injections is very detrimental to the health and isn’t recommended for anyone.

Face Lift – While this isn’t confirmed, Costas has a face that looks brand new. A man in his 60s has absolutely no wrinkles, his forehead is shiny and his cheekbones are straight compared to that of 10 years ago.

Either Bob Costas has discovered some kind of specialized treatment for making himself look 20 years younger that humanity hasn’t, or he has gotten plastic surgery. My opinion? Maybe make-up? Maybe something else? From what I’ve seen, no celebrity admits getting a plastic surgery.

Before and after pictures:

Bob Costas picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Bob Costas picture from 2014 

Another article about Bob Costas pink eyes on the Olympics.

Did Bob Costas get Plastic Surgery (around Olympics)?

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