Did Cheryl Hines get Plastic Surgery?

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Cheryl Hines first came to the public’s attention when she appeared as the wife of Larry in ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’. Since her first on screen appearance she has found herself followed by a number of plastic surgery rumours. Images taken of her before she received her big break on the big screen show her with a full complement of facial lines and wrinkles, yet suddenly there she was on screen with a flawless, wrinkle free face. Already known to have enjoyed the benefits of cosmetic dentistry to give her a sparkling smile, it appears that she was inspired to have a little treatment done to her face too.

Did Cheryl Hines get Plastic Surgery?

Unlike many actresses in her position she has admitted to having sought the assistance of the plastic surgeon. She claims that she fully supports anyone that undergoes surgery in an attempt to look more aesthetically pleasing as it does wonders for the self image and self confidence of the individual. She gives the example of never smiling openly until she had her teeth done, which gave her the confidence she needed. She also too has not discounted having further surgeries in the future in an attempt to keep herself looking younger than she really is.

Before and After:

The procedures that she has already been through include rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and Botox therapy. Thankfully the procedures that she has been through have allowed her to remain looking natural, her face shape has not been altered and she has not taken the Botox too far which often results in recipients having a plastic like sheen to their faces. There may be further surgery in her future in the form of a face lift or neck lift, but for the moment she is happy looking as good as she does and staying as naturally beautiful as possible.

Before and After pictures:

Cheryl Hines picture from 2007.

Cheryl Hines picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Cheryl Hines picture from 2011 (before-after picture via Wikipedia)

Cheryl Hines picture from 2013 (via Imdb – you can see her perfect teeth)

Did Cheryl Hines get Plastic Surgery?

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