Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

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Born in 1951, Cheryl Ladd is most widely remembered for playing Kris Munroe in the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (with Kate Jackson) television series. Her appearance in the series made her a pin up model for millions of male fans. Though now in her sixties her appearance has changed very little from how she looked at the height of her popularity. Looking at images which span her career you can see how she has maintained her youthful looks. The actress herself has not confirmed having undergone any surgery, though neither has she denied it. She has always claimed that she approves of plastic surgery which keeps a person looking natural, but deplores actresses who use surgery as a tool to make them look unnaturally young.

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

This makes sense as from looking at her face, as she herself has retained a natural look despite having undergone a number of different procedures. A facelift procedure (like Aishwarya Rai) has left her with a face which looks toned and healthy. Eyelid surgery has rejuvenated her eyes and taken away the bagginess which she should have developed around her eyes at this stage in her life. The shape of her nose has been refined with the aid of rhinoplasty, and her lips have been enhanced possibly with collagen therapy. Considering the number of therapies and surgeries she has had she looks remarkably natural.

Before and After:

Like many women her age she has turned to Botox to remove her wrinkles and filler injections to plump her cheeks and stop the skin from sagging. Considering her age she looks remarkably youthful. She has not developed the plastic look which so many actresses her age have ended up with, by undergoing too much therapy in the quest to remain youthful. It is good to see an example of plastic surgery done well, allowing a woman to remain looking natural and attractive into her later years.

Before and After pictures:

Cheryl Ladd picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Cheryl Ladd picture from 2007 (from Wikipedia)

Cheryl Ladd picture from 2001 (via Wikipedia) + Cheryl Ladd picture from 2001 (via Imdb)

Cheryl Ladd picture from 1978 (via Imdb)

Did Cheryl Ladd have Plastic Surgery?

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