Did Christa Miller Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

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Christa Miller is no stranger to the world of show business and celebrity. As a young child she was photographed for advertising campaigns, becoming a model during her teenage years. She lately made her name in the field of comedic acting with parts in the ‘Drew Carey Show’ and later the medical comedy ‘Scrubs’. Though none of the rumours relating to her having had plastic surgery have ever been confirmed, it would not be unthinkable of her to have sought a little extra help with looking young from a plastic surgeon, considering her choice of career.

Did Christa Miller Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

Comparing older images of her with newer ones it is plain to see that there have been some facial alterations made. Her eyes for example, they are now wider and brighter than they were before which suggests eyelid surgery, neither is there any loose or sagging skin beneath her eyes which would suggest that she also underwent an eye lift.

There is a subtle difference to the shape of her cheeks which may have been achieved with cheek implants. She now has a much smoother line to her jaw than she used to have, with her face being less rounded and now a more flattering oval shape. Recent images have depicted her looking facially stiff with little expression which suggests that she is undergoing Botox therapy too.

Before and after:

Like many actresses she also appears to have had her lips plumped to provide an unnatural pout. With all of the injections of dermal fillers and such she needs to be careful of not over doing it, else she could be left with a tight, unnatural and expressionless face. Despite never confirming the surgery rumours she has never made a point of denying them either, which seems to suggest that there is some truth behind all of the speculation.

Before and after pictures:

Christa Miller Before (in 2002) (via Imdb)

Christa Miller After (in 2014) (via Imdb)

Christa Miller in 2010 (via Imdb)

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