Did Christina Hendricks have Plastic Surgery?

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Christine Hendricks once earned the title of the ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’ bestowed by the readers of ‘Esquire’ magazine. Yet many believe that she is no natural beauty, instead the way she looks is down to the artistry of the plastic surgeon. Famous for appearing in the hit show ‘Mad Men’, her appearance has garnered comments from those who admire her, and those who feel she is a fraud for using surgery in order to look good on television.

Did Christina Hendricks have Plastic Surgery?

One of the most obvious signs of surgery is in the shape and size of her breasts, that and the changes that have been made to her nose. As is the case with many popular actresses she has not come forward to publicise just how many procedures she has been through. But by looking at images of her from the start of her career it is possible to see that there have been quite a few. Originally she was not very well endowed in the breast department, something she has easily rectified through surgery. She how has a rather voluptuous figure thanks to her new breasts. There are some in the industry which claim that she has chosen an implant size too large for her natural frame to accommodate, which may pose problems for the actress in the future.

Before and After:

Her nose is now more pinched and narrow than it was, plus it also looks to have a more straighter line than it had. Whatever her reasons for having the surgery, whether to boost her own self confidence or make her more appealing to her audience, the surgery has provided her with a stunning figure. Hopefully as time moves on she will not be tempted to mess round with the way she looks too much, so that he becomes just another plastic faced celebrity who refuses to grow old.

Before and After pictures:

Christina Hendricks picture from 2014 (via Imdb)

Christina Hendricks picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Christina Hendricks picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Christina Hendricks picture from 2006 (via Wikipedia)

Did Christina Hendricks have Plastic Surgery?

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