Did Christine Baranski have Plastic Surgery? No!

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Christine Baranski came to the public’s attention when she starred in the television series ‘Cybil’ alongside actress Cybil Shepherd. She also appeared in the hit musical movie ‘Chicago’ with Richard Gere and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The Emmy award winning actress is now in her sixties and looking as glamorous as ever. She has been surrounded by plastic surgery rumours for quite some time, with many in the media refusing to believe that she has not succumbed to the temptation of having years taken off her face, like so many of the people she has worked with.

Did Christine Baranski have Plastic Surgery?

The actress has made it very clear that she is against plastic surgery and the false promises that it holds, and is quite content to age naturally. She believes that a healthy lifestyle combined with regular work outs and a positive attitude to life are what keeps a person looking young. Judging by the many reports of celebrity plastic surgery which appear in the media, not many of her fellow entertainers agree with her. She however remains firm to her beliefs and claims that she will never be tempted to go under the knife for the sake of her vanity.

Before and After:

Whether her conviction holds true remains to be seen. Whatever she considers to be a healthy lifestyle and positive mental attitude it seems to be working well for her. She certainly does not look her age, yet she has all of the character lines and signs of aging that you would expect to find of the face of a woman in her sixties. However she is doing it, she is wearing the aging process well, and should be used as an example to those that start succumbing to vanity and seeking surgical help at an early age. It seems it is possible to still grow old gracefully.

Before and After pictures:

Christine Baranski picture from 2013.

Christine Baranski picture from 2012.

Christine Baranski picture form 2009.

My opinionno plastic surgery. Maybe make-up.

Did Christine Baranski have Plastic Surgery?

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