Did Clay Aiken have Plastic Surgery?

The singer rose to fame on the popular television talent show ‘American idol’. It is clear to those that watched his performances in the show that his appearance has altered quite a bit between then and now. As with many people that come to the public’s attention in this manner, it does not take long before they start changing their image and altering their appearance, to better fit within the ideals held by the music industry. The biggest change to the way that he looks is visible along his jaw line.

Did Clay Aiken have Plastic Surgery?

The singer has not been shy in talking about his facial surgery and came clean during a television interview. It was observed during the interview that the singer had a slightly more masculine jaw line than he was seen with on the talent show, which has given his face a more mature appearance. He then described how he had all of the fatty tissue taken out if his jaw area using a liposuction technique. The double chin that he once had disappeared overnight. His face now looks more masculine with his jaw more clearly defined. It has literally taken away his puppy fat and aged his face nicely.

Before and After:

He claims to be very happy with the way that the procedures went, and the results that he was left with once the scars had healed. He also believes that the boost the change in appearance has made to his self confidence will be a great asset to him when it comes to getting his career off the ground, and moving the direction that he wants. At least the singer has not resorted to any drastic changes to the way that he looks which could have resulted in him losing his new found fans and having to start building his popularity from scratch.

Before and After pictures:

Clay Aiken picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

Clay Aiken picture from 2006 (via Wikipedia)

Clay Aiken picture from 2004 (via Wikipedia)

Clay Aiken picture from 2003 (via Imdb)

Did Clay Aiken have Plastic Surgery?

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