Did Courteney Cox get Plastic Surgery?

Probably more famous for her appearances in the long running sitcom ‘Friends’ than any other of the series she has starred in, actress Courtney Cox has already admitted that she wants to stall the aging process for as long as possible. The actress had been open about her want to remain young and beautiful, but many are worried just how far she is prepared to go in order to achieve her goal. Already no stranger to Botox treatments and laser therapy to enhance and smooth the appearance of the skin on her face, she seems to be stepping up her efforts to hold back the advance of time.

Did Courteney Cox get Plastic Surgery?

In a recent interview she provided on a TV talk show it was noted that when she spoke she seemed unable to move her top lip, a sure sign that she has reached a peak of injectable treatment. At least the actress doesn’t try to hide the fact that she is trying to stay young like so many in the acting profession do. She says she will try anything which will make her appear young and beautiful, slightly worrying when you consider what she has put her face through already. The actress turns fifty this year and it seems that the fact has scared her.

Before and After pictures:

She has also admitted to having laser treatment on her neck and chest area, as well as on her arms in order to remove what she described as brown marks. She strongly believed that laser therapy holds the key to maintain youthful looks for longer. She does not want to look in the mirror to be confronted by a wrinkled and aging face, and right now is clutching at whatever offers to keep her looking young. She is in danger of turning into a plastic faced effigy of herself if she takes her quest for eternal youth too far.

Before and After pictures:

Courteney Cox picture from 2013 (via Imdb)

Courteney Cox picture from 2010.

Courteney Cox picture from 2009.

Courteney Cox picture from 1995 (before any plastic surgeries?)

Did Courteney Cox get Plastic Surgery?

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