Did Dana Delany have Plastic Surgery? (Not at all)

Dana Delany is a television actress and producer, she came to the fore in the popular television series ‘Desperate Housewives’ in the role of Katherine Mayfair. Now well into her fifties there has been some speculation that Ms Delaney has been under the knife for a number of cosmetic enhancements in order to maintain a fresh and youthful image. She readily admits to having had Botox treatments injected into her face in order to diminish some of the lines and wrinkles associated with aging. She also claimed that because of the treatments, nerves in her face were damaged which resulted in a droop in one of her eyelids. She also denies having had any form of facial surgery at all.

Did Dana Delany have Plastic Surgery (at all?)

The fact that the treatments did not go as well as expected is one of her main regrets, as she feels as though it has negatively impacted on the symmetry of her face. She also claims that because such a simple and massively used treatment somehow went wrong, that she is unwilling to subject herself to any major cosmetic surgery in case that too goes wrong. She was angry that the clinician who provided her with the Botox therapy did not admit to having hit a nerve and causing the effect in her eyelid, and was shocked at his denial that an error had been made. Such a response has caused enough concern for her to stop seeking an anti aging solution.

She even admited not getting a plastic surgery.

Before and After:

It seems that the pressure to maintain a certain image in the film industry is enough for people in the profession to put themselves through unnecessary procedures, and risk a negative outcome. In hindsight she wishes that she had had the courage to grow old gracefully like actresses such as Jamie Lee Curtis; turning her back on the world of fakery and surgical enhancements in order to remain naturally beautiful.

Before and After pictures:

Dana Delany in 2006 picture.

Dana Delany in 2012 picture (via Wikipedia).

Dana Delany in 2013 picture.

Dana Delany in 1992 at Emmys.

Did Dana Delany have Plastic Surgery?

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