Did David Cassidy have Plastic Surgery?

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During the 1970’s David Cassidy was making regular television appearances in ‘The Partridge Family’ and topping the charts with his music. He had, and continues to have an army of female fans who follow him around the world to attend his concerts. He was always a good looking guy, fresh faced with clear skin and wonderful cheek bones. Although his look may not have changed dramatically over the years there are indicators that he is not showing as many signs of the aging process as he should for his age. Signs which can only mean that Mr Cassidy has sought help to fight the anti aging process from the professionals.

Did David Cassidy have Plastic Surgery?

Although he has always denied having major facial surgery there are subtle indicators which show that he has at the very least dabbled with facial injections, dermal fillers, and skin plumping techniques. The skin on his forehead is way to smooth to be naturally occurring. He claims that a lot of his look is down to good genetics, saying that his father always had excellent skin and he appears to have inherited the trait. Good skin is one thing, but it doesn’t account for the subtle changes to the shape of his face, and lack of naturally occurring wrinkles that are clear for all to see.

Before and After:

His chin is slightly more prominent than it used to be, a clear sign that there has been some surgical influence over his features. Despite his claims that it is simply a case of good genetics; regular exercise and a good intake of mineral water which maintains his youthful appearance, they cannot account for him looking younger now than he should. Whatever intervention he has sought from his cosmetic surgeon, he has retained a more natural look than other celebrities that have undergone plastic surgery.

Before and After pictures:

David Cassady picture from 2009 (via Imdb)

David Cassady picture from 2000 (via Imdb)

David Cassady picture from 1972 (via Wikipedia)

David Cassady picture from 1971 (via Wikipedia)

Did David Cassidy have Plastic Surgery?

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