Did Delta Burke have Plastic Surgery?

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Author, producer and actor Delta Burke has appeared in television shows such as ‘Boston Legal’ and ‘Saturday Night Live’; as well producing television movies and appearing on Broadway. Aged fifty seven the actress has been attracting attention over the way that she looks, attention which has not all been flattering. Many are saying that the way she looks like she does is because of botched plastic surgery, as she would not wish to look this way by choice.

Did Delta Burke have Plastic Surgery?

To put it simply her face gives the impression it has been over inflated, blown up so that it is out of proportion with the rest of her body. There is speculation that she has overdone the facial implants, having had her cheeks, chin and lips enhanced. Facial fillers too also appear to have been used to excess. All of which have left the actress with a face looking so full it could burst, and a certain amount of facial paralysis. Her face is not so much a case of plastic surgery gone wrong, more of cosmetic enhancement gone too far. It could be that her face had a bad reaction to the use of fillers which were used, which does occasionally happen.

Before and After pictures:

Delta Burke picture from 2010 (via Imdb)

Delta Burke picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Delta Burke picture from 2o00 (via Imdb)

Delta Burke picture from 1990 (via Wikipedia)

Did Delta Burke have Plastic Surgery?

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