Did Elizabeth Mcgovern have Plastic Surgery?

In Hollywood plastic surgery does not seen to be so much of a lifestyle choice as more a necessity, in order to remain living the Hollywood dream. Many in the entertainment industry turn to cosmetic enhancements in order to keep their dreams of stardom alive and well. Many celebrities never confirm the surgery rumours which surround them, and the truth is never known. The same applies for actress Elizabeth McGovern, she is surrounded by speculation of having received dermal injections as well as a suspected eyelift and face lift, yet the actress has said nothing.

Did Elizabeth Mcgovern have Plastic Surgery?

Despite being in her fifties the skin on her face is still remarkably smooth and wrinkle free. Many believe that the only way to achieve this is with the use for dermal fillers or Botox injections. There is very little loose skin around her jaw line, generally a sign that there has been a face lift procedure undertaken to remove it. The plumpness of her cheeks and fullness of her face hint at the use of dermal fillers. Her eyes are also wide and bright which many believe is the result of having had an eyelift and eyelid surgery. Surgery to remove the excess skin and bags around the eyes does wonders for giving the patient a rejuvenated look.

Before and After:

The actress still remains silent regarding the way that she maintains her appearance. Yet when we compare images of her we can see the differences in her face for ourselves. There really is no need for many of today’s celebrities to come clean about having received surgery, as with so much photographic evidence within easy reach through the internet and other media sources, we can discover the truth for ourselves. It is just another way for fans to keep in touch with the lives of their favourite celebrities.

Before and After pictures:

Elizabeth Mcgovern picture from 2012 (from Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2012 (via Imdb)

Elizabeth Mcgovern picture from 2011 (via Imdb)

Elizabeth Mcgovern picture from 2004 (via Imdb)

Did Elizabeth Mcgovern have Plastic Surgery?

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