Did Gabrielle Anwar get Plastic Surgery?

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Actress Gabrielle Anwar is known for performing an incredible, sensuous tango with Al Pacino in the blockbuster film ‘Scent of a Woman’. She has also starred in a number of other hit movies and successful television series. She regularly appears in glossy magazines and has been voted one of the ‘World’s 50 Most Beautiful People’. There is some debate as to whether she is allowing herself to age naturally, or using today’s cosmetic surgery techniques in order to hold onto her youthful looks for as long as possible.

Did Gabrielle Anwar get Plastic Surgery?

If you study a selection of images of her face you will notice that there does appear to be subtle changes to the areas of her chin, nose and cheeks. In the early part of her career you can see that her face had a more rounded appearance, and that her cheeks were also quite plump and rounded too. In recent images her nose seems narrower and he face is no longer plump and round. She is also sporting a more defined chin than she had before. It could be that these are all the result of specific cosmetic surgery procedures, as it would be hard to find a natural method of achieving the same results. To date there has been no official statement from the actress regarding the speculation surrounding the possibility of her having had any form of plastic surgery.

Before and After:

It is easy to assume that like many film and television actresses, she has felt the pressure of maintaining a beautiful image in an industry where perfection is prized. Unlike many of her fellow actresses she has not undergone so much surgery as to dramatically alter her appearance, she has simply enhanced the features that she has in order to look more attractive to a wider audience. A good example of the best way to use cosmetic surgery.

Before and After pictures:

Gabrielle Anwar picture from 2013.

Gabrielle Anwar picture from 2009.

Gabrielle Anwar picture from 2008.

Did Gabrielle Anwar get Plastic Surgery?

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