Did Greta Van Susteren get Plastic Surgery?

Greta Van Susteren is now entering into her sixties and like many women in the public eye has sought the help of the plastic surgeon in an effort to recapture her youth. Working as a legal analyst for a handful of television shows; as well as hosting her own show, means that she is regularly on screen in front of millions of viewers. Unlike other television celebrities she has not been afraid to be honest about her surgery and has spoken openly about the procedures that she has been through.

Did Greta Van Susteren get Plastic Surgery?

It is thought that the decision to have plastic surgery was something to do with her moving from CNN to Fox News, as she appeared with a new look when she started her new job. One of the major differences made to her face has been as the result of an eye lift which has removed the bags and excess skin from below her eyes, as a result her eye area appears revitalised. The lines that were once clearly visible on her forehead have now disappeared and she skin looks clearer and tighter. Despite never having been too worried about her image before, it seems that landing a million dollar contract with Fox has given her the opportunity to recapture her youth with the help of a team of cosmetic surgeons.

Before and After:

Starting a new job with a new image has given the programme host a new lease of life, and attracted a whole new audience as can be seen from her viewing figures. It is clear that plastic surgery was the right decision in this instance as it has taken years off the way that she looks. Rather than looking like a woman entering her sixtieth year, she could be easily mistaken for a woman mid way through her forties.

Before and After pictures:

Greta Van Susteren picture from 2008 (via Wikipedia)

Greta Van Susteren picture from Pinterest.

Did Greta Van Susteren get Plastic Surgery?

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