Did Han Hyo Joo have Plastic Surgery?

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Han Hyo Joo is another South Korean celebrity for whom the plastic surgery rumour mill has been in full production. The media are speculating that she owes her looks to the hands of a plastic surgeon rather than being a natural beauty. The actress has appeared in a number of drama productions for Asian television such as ‘Brilliant Legacy’ and in films such as ‘Cold Eyes’, for which she received an award. The actress was discovered after taking part in a beauty pageant as a teenager and her career has been developing ever since.

Did Han Hyo Joo have Plastic Surgery?

If you take a look at images of the actress you will not be able to pick out any dramatic changes to the way that she looks, yet rumours are circulating that she has been though surgery to her jaw line and had a nose job. Sources are also claiming that she has been through eyelid surgery as well. Yet there is no real evidence to prove any of these rumours are true. It is claimed that there are enough differences between the way she appears in her high school photographs and the way that she looks now to prove that surgery has taken place.

Before and After:

What these people need to realise is that a person’s face changes naturally as they mature. In her high school images her face will still be quite childlike, as she will still be carrying around the puppy fat from her child hood. As her face matured her jaw line will have defined and her face will have lost much of the plumpness that it had previously. It may well be that the actress is as natural as she can be, and will have to be thought of that way until evidence proves otherwise. It would appear that no one is willing to believe that anyone can be naturally beautiful anymore.

Before and After pictures:

Han Hyo Joo picture from 2011 (via Wikipedia) + Another picture from 2011.

Did Han Hyo Joo have Plastic Surgery?

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