Did Howard Stern have Plastic Surgery?

Radio presenter, author , actor, producer and photographer Howard Stern is sixty years old. Unlike many people in his chosen profession he has talked openly about having been under the knife in order to improve his facial features, and his overall appearance. His confessions had something of a shock value for the media that reported them, though not because he admitted to having surgery, but because of the surgeries which he had chosen. He had not only changed the shape of his nose he had also undergone liposuction treatment and a face lift.

Did Howard Stern have Plastic Surgery?

In the world of celebrity the public are more accustomed to stories concerning female stars who have turned to plastic surgery, it is not so common that make celebrities are so willing to come forward and admit all. He claims that he underwent the rhinoplasty procedure to reduce the size and shape of his nose. His new nose is straighter and the tip is less bulbous that it was. It still retains much of its original shape, just a shaved down version. The liposuction procedure was carried out in the area around his chin. It removed the excess fatty tissue which had accumulated there and provided him with a much cleaner, and tighter jaw line.

Before and After

He stated that although at one time he tried to hide the details of his surgery away from the public, it was not going to do him any favours. It made more sense for him to come out into the open about it, take whatever criticism was thrown at him and move on. Even his sister was unaware that he had been through any form of cosmetic surgery until he made his announcement, surely a sign of plastic surgery done extremely well so that it leaves behind a completely natural looking face.

Before and After pictures:

Howard Stern picture from 2012 (via Wikipedia)

Howard Stern picture from 2008 (via Imdb)

Howard Stern picture from 2005 (via Imdb)

Howard Stern picture from 2002 (via Imdb)

Did Howard Stern have Plastic Surgery?

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