Did Jeanine Pirro have Plastic Surgery?

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Former legal prosecutor and court appointed judge Jeanine Pirro appears on American television in the role of legal analyst, which has lead her to becoming a television personality in her own right fronting her own courtroom show. Now in her sixties the popularity she has gained through appearing on TV has prompted her to do something about her image in order to boost her audience appeal. The results of which have earned her more media coverage than ever, as the changes to her face have been quite significant.

Did Jeanine Pirro have Plastic Surgery?

There are a number of obvious changes to her face and body which can be seen by putting together some before and after images. The lines on her face seem to have been erased which hints at Botox therapy. So too all signs of sagging skin have been removed which would suggest that she has been through a face lift and possible neck lift procedure. The lack of bags, dark circles or loose skin around the eyes implies she has also had an eyelift too. All of the procedures that she has been through have provided her with a much more youthful appearance, something which will probably help her maintain her career and her popularity.

Before and After pictures:

Jeanine Pirro picture from 2005 (via Wikipedia)

Jeanine Pirro picture from the internet (before/after picture)

Did Jeanine Pirro have Plastic Surgery?

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